Brand new video from the wonderful people at Paradigm Meditations featuring my music! 

About them:

Our aim is bring you guided meditations, music and sound that will help improve your life. We have assembled an All-Star cast of meditation artists and musicians for your enjoyment, relaxation, healing, and personal development. We will upload new guided meditations, hypnosis, ASMR, relax music every Wednesday and Saturday. We are honored that you've chosen to meditate with us. Namaste. You can purchase MP3 versions of most of our meditation videos at:


This phrase was borrowed from Amanda Palmer's website who borrowed it from

A lot of time and work goes into putting out a free podcast and it makes me feel good knowing everyone is able to listen to it. If you can donate at the button below, it is greatly appreciated, or even better you can buy some music using the icons below...


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My latest YouTube video with the fine people from Paradigm Meditations.
Expanding Mind Binaural Beats
If you need to reset your mind
This could do the trick...

Brand New One Hour Piano Meditation.
My music with the fine Video production skills of Paradigm Meditation!

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