Here is a video of my hands doing drink things and some info about the sponsor of todays podcast - Deep Energy 734 - Three Spirit (Paid Advertisement)

Wanted to let everyone know that todays podcast is sponsored by Three Spirit. Just like the name of today’s podcast! Three Spirit is a Botanical, Non-Alcoholic collection of drinks which are vegan and gluten free. And all 3 are very, very tasty.

The Livener is a juicy, fiery pick me up. The Nightcap, which is very mellow and has woody undertones and my personal favorite, the Social Elixir. The Social Elixir has agave nectar, extracts of yerba mate, passion flower, cacao beans and many more healthy ingredients including vitamins B3, B6, B7 and B12.

The Social Elixir is great just straight on the rocks, or as an alcohol substitute in a mixed drink like a chocolate martini, or as I use it, a flavor boost to my morning protein shake. By adding Social Elixir for me, it takes away some of the chalkiness of the shake and gives it a nice earthy taste and you actually feel like you are drinking something really healthy. I can’t imagine my mornings without it.

Three Spirit would want you to know that they do not recommend their drinks for children, if you are pregnant or breast feeding and please check with your medical professional, if you are on any medications before enjoying.

If you would like to try for yourself any of these three amazing selections go to ….link below, and use the code DEEPENERGY (one word) and you’ll get 15% off of your purchase. And even better it is available in the US and the UK!


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