Electronic and New Age musician Jim Butler has been creating music since he was 16 years old, which was the first time he picked up a guitar. After releasing two acoustic albums in 2004 and 2005, Jim decided to change directions musically and learn how to play the piano and synthesizers. It was in December of 2006 that Jim released his first podcast. ‘Dark Ambient’. That podcast ran for almost 4 years before it was replaced by the ‘Deep Energy Podcast’. The Deep Energy Podcast is a combination of New Age Electronic music and progressive Ambient music. The combination make a unique sound, almost infinite, with the music having no true beginning or end, just long form soundscapes. 

The podcast is distributed worldwide by Spreaker, a subsidiary of iHeartRadio. With monthly listenership close to half a million downloads per month, the Deep Energy Podcast is one of the most popular original music podcasts in the world. 

His music can vary between, calm and soothing synthesizers, peaceful but haunting drones and lyrical, improvisational solo piano compositions. His creations truly are background music for a new generation. Well beyond ‘elevator music’, the music he creates, has depth and emotion, but never overpowering and always perfect at low and non-intruding volumes. His inspiration comes from many places including the wooded paths and trails near his home. 

Beyond the podcast, which is supported by advertising, all of Jim’s music is available from his Bandcamp page. On his Bandcamp page listeners can enjoy ad free versions of the podcast and subscriber only releases along with the ability to stream all of his music through the Bandcamp app. 

In 2020 Jim took an early retirement from his day job of 22 years and made creating music and dedication to the podcast his full time job. Even through the pandemic, Jim created over 300 new podcasts and is poised for at least another 300 more in 2021. 

Jim creates his music in his Chapman Pond studio in the woods in a small town in rural New Hampshire, USA that he shares with his wife Mellanie.