What is a Vibrational Soundhealing Soundbath?

A 'Vibrational Soundhealing Soundbath’ is a sonic landscape of healing sounds for your mind and soul, while your physical body rests in a secure and safe place.

You will be immersed in a deep ambient soundworld of Singing Bowls, Shakers, Drums and other instruments. All of the notes played and vibrations generated are tuned to the different Energy Centers (Chakras) of your body. The sounds created will relax you and help you enter a peaceful and meditative state and could trigger lucid dreaming.

In a semi-darkened room, people can lie down, or sit in a chair, whichever is the most comfortable for the listener. Some type of eye covering is encouraged, either a cloth or eye pillow. With the eyes covered, this will heighten your sense of hearing and deepen your ‘Sound Bath’ experience.

Each ‘Vibrational Soundhealing Soundbath’ is unique experience. The sonic textures and immersive sounds created one night will be completely different the next night. A singular musical journey for healing and awakening.

Jim invites you to take part of this unique musical and meditative experience. 

Would you like to have Jim do a SoundBath at your home or for a private group? Click here for information on Personalized SoundBaths.

What instruments are used?

A collection of specifically tuned singing bowls, both glass and brass. Also shakers, assorted drums and percussion instruments. In some cases there will be pre-recorded nature sound and also a sampler and laptop might be used to bring in different sounds if requested.

What do I do during the Vibrational Soundhealing Soundbath? 

Relax. You should arrive 5-10 minutes before the start time, to make yourself comfortable. Most studios that I play music at, have blankets to lay on and cover yourself with. You may want to bring something to cover your eyes with or a favorite pillow. A sleeping bag pad is also helpful. 

There is no correct 'position' to enjoy the Vibrational Soundhealing Soundbath

You may lay down, sit in Lotus (Meditation) position, sit against a wall, whatever is the most comfortable for you.

What if I fall asleep?

Great!! Some people do fall asleep. Some people fall into the half awake/half asleep 'lucid dreaming' state. When the Vibrational Soundhealing Soundbath is over, you will have plenty of time to wake up and re-orient yourself with your surroundings. 

Is it loud?

Sort of. There are parts that will be very quiet and parts that are loud. Not as loud music at a club or a concert. The sounds you will hear are, Chimes, Gongs, Singing Bowls, Bells and Pan Drums. They are played at different volumes. Most of the music falls into the middle of the sound spectrum. 

That sounded great. Can I get a copy of the music played during the Vibrational Soundhealing Soundbath I attended?

Yes. I record every Vibrational Soundhealing Soundbath. As long as the recording equipment worked correctly, there will be a copy of the Vibrational Soundhealing Soundbath you attended to download. It will be available to download at: 


Usually takes about a week to have the Vibrational Soundhealing Soundbath ready for download. 

I have other questions. Can I contact you?

You can. Right HERE.