Space and Time

Jim Butler

Welcome to my library of Royalty Free music. These pieces of music have all been part of either the Deep Energy or Dark Ambient podcast collection. All of the speaking parts have been removed and most have been remastered. 

Just enter click on the ‘Buy Now Button and then (based on your personal or business need) pay the price listed below. 

Personal Use Only - $3.00 
Royalty Free - Yoga/Tai Chi/Pilates/Reiki Classes - $10.00 
Royalty Free - Meditation Groups - $15.00 
Royalty Free - Therapy/Therapist - $25.00 
Royalty Free - Public Place - $55.00 
Royalty Free - Background for DVD/Website - 75.00 

If you need the music for something other than what’s listed here(or want more than one), please e-mail me at jimbutlermusic@gmail.comand I will be more than happy to accommodate your business and music needs. 

Although it is not required, it would be nice, if possible to give me a credit however you are using the music.... 
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  1. Space and Time

This phrase was borrowed from Amanda Palmer's website who borrowed it from

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