Deep Energy Sound Bath (Electronic)

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The Yoga Center, 80 Roxbury St., Keene, NH 03431

A ‘Deep Energy Sound Bath’ is a sonic landscape of healing sounds for your mind and soul, while your physical body rests in a secure and safe place.

You will be immersed in a deep ambient soundworld of Gongs, Bells, Singing Bowls, quiet peaceful Synthesizers and other instruments. All of the notes played and vibrations generated are tuned to the different Energy Centers (Chakras) of your body. The sounds created will relax you and help you enter a peaceful and meditative state and could trigger lucid dreaming.

In a semi-darkened room, people can lie down, or sit in a chair, whichever is the most comfortable for the listener. Some type of eye covering is encouraged, either a cloth or eye pillow. With the eyes covered, this will heighten your sense of hearing and deepen your ‘Sound Bath’ experience.

Each ‘Deep Energy Sound Bath’ is unique experience. The sonic textures and immersive sounds created one night will be completely different the next night. A singular musical journey for healing and awakening.

We invite you to take part of this unique musical and meditative experience.